The server lets users mutate proteins in various ways and study mutation effects in 3D. You can evolve a protein over many mutation rounds within the viewer under consideration of the mutational effect on the structure. The only required inputs are a structural model and at least one mutation of interest or a target sequence/alignment. Alternatively, the user can upload human SNPs in the VCF format and obtains a visualization of the (de-)stabilizing effect of those mutations on the protein structure.

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Find several tutorials about the usage of the server in our tutorials tab. For more detailed explanation about the methods and the server, incl. interpretation of the results, check out the documentation. Frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ. If you want to reach out to us, you find the information at the tab "Contacts".

MutationExplorer is freely available to all users without any login requirement.

Please cite: MutationExplorer: a webserver for mutation of proteins and 3D visualization of energetic impacts